Swaraj Mazda Stock/Share Price

Swaraj Mazda is a mid-cap company that was incorporated in the year 1984/83. It has a market cap of almost Rs.2000 cr. When the partner company Mazda left, the parent company had to collaborate with Isuzu and as a result of that, Swaraj Mazda changed into SML Isuzu Ltd in the year 2009. This company operates in the automotive segment.
The lion’s share of the revenue for the company comes from the sales of buses and trucks to the general public and army. They amount to 1210 cr to the sales figure. The spare part sale contributor 6 cr and others form the rest of the income the company gets from.(these are the figures from the previous quarter that the company has reported)
At the end of the second quarter for the fiscal year 2016, the sales were at Rs.460 cr, that’s almost 46% increase from last year. The company also attained a net profit of Rs.42 cr last quarter. When last checked, the share prices were north of Rs.1320 on the NSE. The company has also reported an outstanding shares figure of 14,471,646.

Swaraj Mazda Van price List

ISUZU IS12TE (RS.12,50,000) A cargo vehicle that is built to carry whatever you throw at it. The chassis is built with a design that will make it last for a long time, even with heavy duty usage. The high deck body also makes it ideal for carrying goods that are vertically high. The power assisted … Continue reading

Swaraj Mazda School Bus Price List

Swaraj Mazda brand is now being called as SML Isuzu and the following school buses are a joint collaboration product of the parent company and its technological partners. SML S7 SCHOOL (RS.12,61,000) With its bare minimum designed, the S7 school is the preferred school bus for many educational institutes. The vehicle is fitted with a … Continue reading

Swaraj Mazda Tractors Price List

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Swaraj Mazda Ltd History

Established in 1984, Swaraj Mazda Ltd has been a trusted name in the commercial vehicle industry. The India based company specializes in manufacturing light and medium vehicles for commercial purposes for the past 30 years. Swaraj Mazda is the foremost pioneering company that provided its customers with fully builds vehicles such as buses and ambulances. … Continue reading