Swaraj Mazda Ltd History

Established in 1984, Swaraj Mazda Ltd has been a trusted name in the commercial vehicle industry. The India based company specializes in manufacturing light and medium vehicles for commercial purposes for the past 30 years. Swaraj Mazda is the foremost pioneering company that provided its customers with fully builds vehicles such as buses and ambulances.
The parent company, Punjab tractors, established the first Swaraj factory in Punjab. After field testing its products, Swaraj brand went into full production in the year 1986. The company is jointly owned by Punjab tractors and Sumitomo corporation that is based in japan. The company also collaborated with Isuzu that is also based in japan and Mazda for technical assistance in the year 2006.
As a result of this, Swaraj Mazda began introducing many new vehicles such as water tankers, customized police vehicles, trucks and buses all over India. Not only that, the vehicles were so reliable and efficient that the company began exporting to other countries such as Syria, Nepal, Bangladesh and 8 other countries.
New vehicles such as Luxury buses, army and commercial trucks that were powered by Isuzu engines were soon rolled out from the home plant. The company also announced that it will be introducing multi-axle heavy duty vehicles with advanced features like refrigerated trucks. It even established sub-brands like Punjab Scooters and Swaraj Engines that too proved to be successful.
Following the development, Sumitomo brought all the Punjab tractors shares and now owns the brand with a total stake figuring at 53%. It now offers vehicles that are manufactured by Isuzu-like the D-Max pickup vehicles.
The parent company sold the tractor division to Mahindra tractors which was specialized in producing agricultural tractors as well as harvesters. With the sale, the company lost the ability to sell vehicles under Swaraj brand. Hence what was earlier called as Swaraj Mazda Ltd is now called as SML Isuzu Limited. It also trades under the same name at the stock exchange.