Swaraj Mazda School Bus Price List

Swaraj Mazda brand is now being called as SML Isuzu and the following school buses are a joint collaboration product of the parent company and its technological partners.
SML S7 SCHOOL (RS.12,61,000)

With its bare minimum designed, the S7 school is the preferred school bus for many educational institutes. The vehicle is fitted with a good engine that makes sure the student is not late to the school. It also comes with a host of security feature to make sure the persons traveling in it are safe. The air brakes and power steering are some of the highlight features. With a seating capacity of 50+1, this vehicle is ideal for carrying a large number of students safely at once.

SML S7 XM SCHOOL (RS.18,31,000)

This vehicle is very similar to the regular S7 school but with added luxury features. The seating capacity is at 50+1. The cockpit is better and an air suspension is provided for a more comfortable travel experience. The cabin noise is on the lower side and the chassis is designed to keep the occupants safe in case of an accident to the vehicle. The seats are more comfortable and the headrest is also provided.
The windows are large allowing air to flow in aerodynamically but they also seal tightly, in case, an air conditioner is fitted to the vehicle.

SML XL (RS. 13,06,000)

With a seating capacity of 42, the XL is an ideal of transporting students. There is a 5-speed Gearbox that allows the vehicle to travel at a top speed of 90 kmph. This is a fully built bus that is fitted with seats and other accessories used by educational institutes. Hydraulic brakes and multi-axle suspension makes the ride comfortable. The safety features include breakable glass and fire safety door in case of a mishap.


The most inexpensive among the offerings is the semi low floor school bus. It has a seating capacity of 32 students. As the name suggests, the floor is low and the interiors are ABS. the suspension is of air type making the ride smooth. The glasses are tinted for protection against direct sunlight and there are also provisions for the speaker system. Air condition system is also available but as an option.

Swaraj Buses

SML COMBO AC CAB (RS.12,95,000) (12 SEATER)
As the name suggests, the vehicle comes with an AC that will breeze through the hard journey in metropolitans. This is a travel-friendly vehicle and has features like deluxe push back seats and LCD TV mount for entertainment. While the outside is simple, the interiors are more than comfortable. With its 12+1+1 seating capacity space and lots of leg room, this is a preferred vehicle for the IT companies that transport their employees to and from offices.

With its futuristic design, this vehicle looks like buses in the Hollywood movies. The 12+1+1 vehicle offers luxury in the hard city rides. But unlike other vehicles, this executive bus is also suitable for camping trips. The aerodynamic shape makes it glide on mountain roads. Entertainment options such as speaker arrangements and LCD TV mount are available. You can even have a DVD playback option if you so wish. The top mounted AC unit has individual ducts for even cooling of the interiors.

SML 26D STAFF BUS (RS.9,50,000) (20 SEATER)
The 20 seater bus is the low-cost option to anyone who wants to carry travelers regularly to their destination. The vehicle has the right mix of features and comfort. The floor is made of strong aluminum making it rigid. The roof also has a luggage holder for carrying the extra load. Individuals fans is also an extra feature that is rare in today’s vehicles. Options are provided for curtains and tinted glasses.
SML 49 ESD STAFF BUS (RS.10,30,000) (20SEATER)
This vehicle is very similar to the 26d but adds more power to the engine and stability to the vehicle. All the other features are similar. One exception is that there is an option for an air-condition as an add-on feature.

SML 50L (RS.12.2 LAKHS) (32 SEATER)

The 50L is slightly expensive when compared to 26d but this has a seating capacity of 32 people making it comfortable in transporting a large number of people in a single trip. There is a powerful engine fitted into the vehicle that pulls the vehicle even on steep roads. There is no death in entertainment or comfort features that one has come to expect of the SML brand
Now this is a vehicle that’s huge but can also accommodate as many as 40 persons comfortably. The gearbox is top notch and the braking system is very reliable making these essential for a safe ride. Multi-axle suspension makes the ride feel smooth. There are safety features such as provisions for breakable glass and safety rear door.

A large vehicle that transports as many as 40 people without breaking a sweat. Three words that describe the bus are stylish, luxury and safety. The outer body looks stylish but is also made from storage metal to withstand any kind of impact. The large front and rear windshield provide large viewing angles. The seats are comfortable and the suspension does not produce a jerk. Many safety and entertainment features are provided for the passengers.
If you want traveling to be a pleasure, then this is the vehicle for you. It can transport 40 people comfortably but if you want it for educational purposes, then as many as 52 students can fit into the vehicle with a slightly cramped seated.
Advanced features such as tubular structure, high durability, wide hat trick and noise resistant cabin are provided. The engine is made from world famous Isuzu technology making it even more reliable and powerful.


The Isuzu NQR oozes luxury from its every part. Each aspect of the vehicle, from the power-assisted hydraulic steering wheel to stud wheels, is carefully designed. The vehicle concentrates more on providing a smooth and luxurious travel experience to its occupants. High-end features such as top mounted air conditioner with individual vents, study lights, and driver controlled entry door are some of the luxury features of this bus.
This vehicle also ticks off many safety standard requirements. The aim here is to provide luxury without skimping on safety.
SML ISUZU LT 134 (RS.55,60,000) (45 SEATER)
A top class vehicle that has recliners for seats. The engine, brakes, and wheels are simply the best and the interior is like a room in a star hotel. The features are unmatched with 70% tinted glasses and premium looking floor and roof. The cabin is compact but can hold up to 45 people without any congestion.
Media option includes LCD TV and 7.1 music system.