Swaraj Mazda Tractors Price List

Swaraj 717 (Rs.2.5 Lakhs)

Swaraj 717 is the newest entry into the reliable tractor brand. The 717 is the least expensive tractor which offers the best value for money ratio. It has a base horsepower of 15 hp that can cater to the needs of farmers. The maintenance is low but the reliability is great. Its performance is unmatched in its class and it can use implement devices such as haulage, sowing rotavator etc. crops such as cotton, grapes, and others can benefit from this vehicle that makes the entire growing and reaping process much simpler than earlier.


Swaraj 724 XM (Rs.3.0 Lakhs)


Swaraj 724 XM is the perfect tractor in the 25 hp category. The powerful 2.0-cylinder engine not only gets things done but is also fuel efficient and water cooled. Top end features such as brakes that are oil immersed and quick release coupler are provided for a smooth working on the field. The wheelbase is bigger on purpose so that it can be used with for various haulage and agricultural field processes.



Swaraj 724 XM Orchard (Rs.3.5 Lakhs)

724 - 2
Swaraj 724 XM Orchard is also a 25 hp tractor but its application varies slightly. The engine is similar to the 724 XM but the real difference is the rear track with that is now narrow. The draft silence is also down. This makes the vehicle ideal for farming and inter-cultivation. The operator experience is also enhanced with a comfortable seat and much-improved suspension.
Swaraj 724 XM Orchard NT (Rs.3.8 Lakhs)
This is a tractor in the sub 30 hp category with power steering, oil immersed brakes and with extra safety features. This tractor is perfect for orchard cultivation and with implements like rotavator. There is also the check chain feature that prevents the destruction of crops.

Swaraj 825 XM (Rs.3.99 Lakhs)

If you are looking for a tractor that can perform efficient water pump operations, then the 825 XM is the tractor you have to buy. The entire vehicle is built to be stable even in uneven field conditions and can also perform haulage and threshing operations.
Swaraj 834 XM (Rs.5.3 Lakhs)

The 834 XM is a 35 hp engine equipped tractor that is built for heavy duty operations. It has a 3-cylinder engine cooled with water. Other features such as stabilizer bar and huge extra-large rear tires are the differentiating factors when compared to the counterparts. There is virtually no slippage while on field and the vehicle is built for using disk harrow and haulage.

Swaraj 735 XM (Rs.4.8 Lakhs)

One of the most preferred Swaraj tractors is the 735 XM. This is a multipurpose tractor that comes with a 40 hp engine. The 3-cylinder engine is amongst the most powerful and is also water cooled. It can be used for many applications such as threshing and cultivator. The aim here is not only to cultivate the field but also provide a comfortable experience for the driver with the single top hood, buffer back tires and oil immersed brakes.
Swaraj 834 XM – OSM (Rs.5.8 Lakhs)

The OSM is a 42 hp tractor with a zippy 4-cylinder engine that is also fuel efficient. Especially for pudding purpose, the weight distribution for the tractor is even. The hydraulics that has been fitted with enhanced control valve makes the cultivation process a breeze. Other enhanced features include dual clutch and side shift are some of the highlights.
Swaraj 744 XM (Rs.5.3 Lakhs)

This is a tractor that has been preferred by the most number of farmers. It has a 50 hp engine with side shift Gear panel that provides more leg spaces as well as smoother shifting and usages of gears. The dual clutch, better braking system, reverse and forward PTO, and enhanced hydraulics are simply among the top features the tractor has to offer.

Swaraj 841 XM (Rs.5.6 Lakhs)

841 XM is a zippy tractor in the sub 45 hp category. The engine is a 4 cylinder one with best in class fuel efficiency. The small and lightweight body makes it suitable for sandy soil applications. Thanks to the sense lift hydraulics, the operations in the soil are very efficient and easy. The control valve is designed in such a way that the seed drilling is even. The lift capacity is at 1200 kgs making it suitable for lifting heavy trolleys and by using heavyweight implements.
Swaraj 855 FE (Rs.6.5 Lakhs)

The 855 fE is one of the heavy duty tractors with a 55 hp, 3-cylinder engine cooled with water. This is a pure beast that generates power whenever needed such as in operations like hard soil tilling. Extra features such as direction control valve, reverse and forward PTO and power steering are a welcome. Operations like Genset compressor and M.B plough are a breeze for the tractor.
Swaraj 960 FE (Rs.7.25 Lakhs)

One of the newest entrants is also the most expensive tractor in the lineup. The 960 FE has a base horsepower of 60 hp and has a top of the line power max engine that can deliver 220 Nm torque. This engine is enhanced with ERG technology and the fuel injection method increases the fuel efficiency. The radiator is also redesigned for maximum cooling effect. Features such as console instrument that is fully digital and easy hitch are exclusive to this tractor. Straw making machine and combined harvest operations can be performed easily with the 960 FE