Swaraj Mazda Van price List

ISUZU IS12TE (RS.12,50,000)
A cargo vehicle that is built to carry whatever you throw at it. The chassis is built with a design that will make it last for a long time, even with heavy duty usage. The high deck body also makes it ideal for carrying goods that are vertically high.
The power assisted hydraulic steering make driving comfortable even with full load. Heavy duty suspension is the most reliable as are the circuit brakes

SARTAJ 5252 XM (RS.6,87,000)

Sartaj 5252 is the result of persistent innovation and two decades of manufacturing experience. the maximum weight that can be loading into the cabin is 7200 kilograms. Advanced features such as high torque engine with great fuel efficiency, a bigger clutch combine with a durable Gearbox, a tried and tested chassis to bear the load, strong body with a good steering to avoid driver fatigue are available in the vehicle.

Dubbed as the load carrier for high volume, the samrat series of the vans have been a favorite among business people who carry loads to and from their warehouses.
The in-line 4-cylinder direct injection engine ensures that the vehicle has enough power to travel at required speed even with its top load.
As usual, air brakes are provided for stability of the vehicle under sudden brake conditions and power steering ensures the driver doesn’t have to use his entire strength every time a road corner appears.

SML SUPER 12.9 XM (RS.11,92,000)

The manufacturing company has rated this vehicle as the king of light loading vehicles. The salient feature of this vehicle is the 8.5-ton payload. The mileage is also the highest in its category. The tires, that are heavy duty, carry the weight and ensure the vehicle has stability in abnormal conditions.
The multi-axle suspension is reliable while carrying the full load the vehicle can bear. State of the art braking system with top notch clutch and Gearbox makes sure the driver doesn’t have a hard time transporting the load.
One striking feature is the low maintenance cost and more reliability.

This vehicle in available in 2 different versions depending upon the usage, they are the BS-III and BS-IV. The height of the loading cabin is appropriately adjusted according to the type of the goods carried. Differentiating features include a powerful engine, better acceleration, and fuel economy that is crucial in transporting goods.
The vehicle has a longer life thanks to the advanced Gearbox and big clutch. The box type chassis ensures batter strength and rigidity and can carry the extra load.


The vehicle is available in light load and medium load versions. The loading cabin is designed to carry all kinds of good including goods that are vertically long. The differentiating factor in the vehicle is its powerful engine which ensures higher pickup and torque no matter the conditions.
It is a long lasting vehicle with an advanced Gearbox as well as a bigger clutch that also ensures smooth driving experience. strength and rigidness are ensured by the box type chassis. The variable Gear ratio steering wheeling guarantee less of driver fatigue.
It can also bear extra load than the vehicles in the similar class. The vehicle is so popular that SML Isuzu has the spare parts readily available with all of its dealers and service centers.